Young kroniic

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Young kroniic is Cameroonian song writer, afrobeat and urban hiphop star signed into the peoples  choicest music label ,Awohasong infusion records. Hes been to music for almost a decade now horning his craft assiduously.He aspires to make it in the label both as a lyricist and performer. As a writer,Kroniic style summons his audience  to a close examination of they realities of life. his sensational choice of words and themes has brought most of his songs in the likes of “Feme ta buche”,and Help me now  as major topics of discussion in the  public conversation of the day.The last two songs of his quadruplet “EP” Good times and Wise man also spake of flames of discussion and controversy; how ever also placing him as a man with such a balanced  and realistic take on life. the first part of the “EP” (RIGHTFUL OWNERS) bashes society for its hypocritical tendencies  whereas the second part shows appreciation and respect to the potion of society which is true to their calling and responsive to the plights of fellowman. Kroniic pays homage to this second grade of people in his “EP” and calling them “RIGHTFUL OWNERS”.Rightful owners because they give not for the sake of having too much but  because they know what it means not to have. Enjoy EPs  bonus track man na milk.





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