Tyra Tyra

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Tyra is a passionate singer for the Lord and an aspiring gospel artist. She is the eldest of 6 siblings. Currently in college , majoring in biology, with the hopes of one day becoming a veterinarian. Tyra chooses to sing because she knows that she is called by God. She doesn’t choose anything else because she knows God purposely gave her a voice to draw people into his kingdom as well as heal his people through song. Her role models are her mother who carries passion and fight, her grandmother who carries love, and God who carries every characteristic to look up to. Tyra sees herself leaning on the lord to carry her to the next five years of her Aspirations. She sees herself growing through the Awohasong Talent Development Program into an elite Awohasong Records artist.  She dreams of being even more confident as Tyra and as an artist. Tyra is all about her education; in the future Tyra wants to graduate summa cum laude and become the best veterinarian. As a career she would love to be a Gospel Artist and be able to dip into the animal world.

As an artist, Tyra’s expectation of music producers would be to respect her musically, as a person, and understand her craft, while also bringing their brilliant and creative minds to the table. Tyra’s contribution to the music industry she bids, would be the use of the specific gift God gave her which is the ability to impact everyone’s life and not just people who are already in the kingdom.

When she’s gone Tyra wants her legacy to be that,she “sung with a pure heart and with the real love of God.” Tyra wants her supporters to know that she deeply appreciates the love and support and that she will always stay true to herself and constantly let the light shine through.

When the people hear Tyra she wants them to think “Dang she can sing like that?! That’s Jesus!” Tyra thinks being a star is to be true to one’s self and consistently shining bright and knowing that we  are called to a higher calling than the bare ephemeral carnality and and vain glory we usually settle for..

In her music career she wants to heal as many people as she possibly could through music and make people instantly happy, finding peace with God and neighbor. And lastly, make music that will last forever.


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