Robert Elder

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Robert Elder is a talented AIR vocalist venturing into Soul Rock music and Afro funk. Robert’s passion for music and performance ready stance brought him in contact with Awohasong infusion Records through the Awohasong Enterprise Talent Development Program’s scouting team.

Robert’s musical versatility and vocal power is as authentic and pure as his commitment to see his dreams come true. His humility, charisma and spark he brings to every rehearsal session as well as the impact he has on people whenever he sings or speaks has earned him his place as a music conversationalist with Awohasong Infusion Records.

Apart from being  America’s SoulRock sweetheart, Robert seeks to share his music and charm with the rest of the Cosmos.. Roberts world is that of romance, country lifestyle and magic of love.

Feel the sweetness of AIR with Roberts upcoming single “taste your love.”

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