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Awohasong Infusion Records on the Coast of West Africa. [AiRwaves coming at you].

With no stopping, Awohasong Infusion Records now hitting the west Coast of Africa as fans and lovers of music anxiously wait with eager ears and eyes to devour the substance of  the aroma emanating from the upcoming kitchen and boiling pot of AIR. While Awohasong Infusion Records is still laying down foundation- blocks, with the construction of the the studio, the population of Buea  awaits in great Euphoria to attend the grand opening of the long awaited Record Label. Talking to Young Kroniic, AIR’s rising songwriter and singer, ” we’re kind of slow” he said. However, Mr. Ikome Clarence, the project manager who thinks things are on track stays optimistic ”slowly but surely ” he said. Speaking to his technical team, the studio Engineer Boy Karl declared ‘we are ready to work, we are ready to breakthrough with Awohasong Infusion Records.”

 I strongly believe that with  AIR  we will be taking the Cameroon music industry to another class of operation. We can not wait to use the Awohasong infusion Records platform to promote  and distribute  Cameroon music and artists worldwide.

Building from nothing to something. AiR Africa, a platform for young African Dreamers.