Miranda Nwehla(AESM/BMN1)

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I am Princess Miranda. My dad’s name is Janvier Nwehla, and my mom’s name is Jacqueline virginie Nwehla and I have one Brother , his name is Armel.
I was born in Cameroon ( Africa) in the city called Yaoundé. Presently I live in Columbus,Georgia.I live in a peaceful and safe environment ( military base) ; an environment that pushes me to be the best I can be, to have the best when I grow up. Modelling and Dental medicine are the two careers that spark my interest.

I choose modeling because it’s something I always dreamed of, and also I like being in front of the cameras. More so, I feel it’s a challenging hobby for me and I do it with passion and naturally. I want to express character and decency and air of natural beauty in my poses and body movements. When I model, the message I want my audience to see, hear, taste, smell, feel and express is: “Embrace your difference; God gave it to you for a reason”
My role models are: Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, & Taraji p henson. I love their natural beauty and drive. Again, their success inspires me to keep pushing. I believe because they made it, I can make it!
I am currently looking forward to being an A honors student in a good high school. My short term goals include playing a specific sport, and modeling the best teenage, sport, party, casual and afrocentric collections..
In five years I will be in the University pursuing my Bachelor degree as a student dentist.
My career goal is to be medical doctor ( dentist specialist), and a model.
Although I haven’t modeled before, I look forward to the Awohasong Talent Development Program to grow me as a full blown model.

My hobbies are reading, dancing and practicing cheers.I love watching movies too.
“Me before You” is my favorite movie because it shows how someone can care for another more than himself or herself.

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