Kendra Proctor

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Kendra Proctor, born September 24, 1989, in Plainfield, N.J. is an AE Class model. She is an inspiring, passionate, enthusiastic open-minded individual. ” I am open for various opportunities, and ideas, she says. I want to inspire others to follow my trends.I have always made fashion statements and always will..My aspiration is to be unique and to try other things;foreign, odd, to different ethnicities and cultures.I value the fashion industry.I have always been told that I have modelling potential. I’m a natural beauty. I believe in embracing my naturalism. I’ve been very passionate about trend-setting and people always follow my tends.I don’t have very much experience in front of the camera.However I am a photogenic individual and quick learner.I have done my individual amatuer photoshoots,which i have been satisfied.I enjoy taking “selfies”,videos,and have lots of moral and fan support.

I have done a photo-shoot with Awohasong Enterprise, Talent Development Program.My photos are to be published in “Afrocentric Magazine”and I’m to be apart of the Savannah African Festival,Runway Fashion Campaign. I am available for photo-shoots in Georgia, but available to travel to other destinations in the United States. I am 5″7” & 3/4 , with a short good grade of natural curly hair,and a sun-kissed pecan brown skin.My perfect petite figure makes me perfect for all attire.I can always find something in my size to wear.From casual, formal, professional,party,vintage,to my most favorite natural and afrocentric.

My goal is to model the most undesirable unique fashions. With my extraordinary personality , I will encourage the industry to try different avenues. I love trying different attires and ideas.I am very passionate about being unique and embracing different designs and fashions.One day, I see myself not only being an Awohasong Model,but one day to design,and manufacture some of my own designs.My vision one day is to show off my very own collection.

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