Fese Mirabel

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Fese Mirabel is a Cameroon born model. Born 19 July 1984. Her passion for fashion drove her into Modelling as well as her admiration for Tyra Banks. She admires Tyra’s work in American Top Model. Mirabel’s charisma, her confidence and and natural looks earned her 2nd place runner of the 2007 Miss Kumba beauty contest. In 2010 she emerged as winner and crowned Queen of the Miss Coca-Cola contest. In the same year she won 3rd place in the Miss KUMBA contest. In 2012, she worked on and on to earn the crown as 1st class queen. Her effort landed her second place. With an unsettled fight in her, Mirabel took a break from Modelling since then until her recent contact with Awohasong Infusion Records.

Coming back with the fighting her, she she sees herself running a Modelling show, mentoring other models and becoming a fashion designer.
Mirabel also seeks to complete law school within this time frame.Her pass times include; Singing, writing, swimming, and acting. She is just a natural storyteller.






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