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Awohasong Enterprise in the line of image building and aspirations management is a business cosmos of galaxies built of stars. The Starz are created within Galaxies from a reserve of cold gases(scouted talents) that form into giant molecular clouds(rising star)z. Some galaxies(units) within the business cosmos are tend to form stars at an exceptional rate which we refer to as the AEstarburst. Hence the AEstarburst awards(End of year internal achievement awards for the stars of the galaxies within the Awohasong Enterprise business cosmos). To be one with us, mastery of craft and clean character must be embedded in your soul. In each galaxy, we learn to master our crafts, not to seek positions. The crafts grand-masters know that knowledge sustains the life of every star in the making, applying the knowledge drives it towards independence, practice brings it brilliance( into spot light), exhibition builds it a fan base and humility in achievement shows mastery. We later may transform the best masters into the next generation of grand-masters. Here we bring them to another level of imagination (where they not only value mastery of craft, but will value dreams even more), then take them to another level of fortitude(where they will learn how to fuel the drive of young dreamers(1), and also where they will learn how to fuel the drive for achievement, making dreams come true. We also will run a drive in them to stay humble in achievement. Mastery puts us at the top of our galaxies. We try to make each galaxy the brightest by keeping all the stars in it at their brightest. Mastery of craft opens every portal the the Cosmos bears. Grand-mastery levitates and transforms us into new Galaxies.

As a business cosmos of image building and aspirations management we may die but can never be separated from our backbone :            Imagination¦ Fortitude¦ Achievement!
Why the three?
Imagination: we value dreams
Fortitude: we fuel the drive to realize dreams
Achievement: we reward deeds and instill humility.
That is why we ask those in seeking to be part of us to come through our talent development program. Entry into our program is via scouting and where we test the breadth, length and height of your dreams. We also test your drive, putting your motivation to the test. Lastly we check to see the galaxy you belong, the character you bring to the table and the kind of significant contribution you will make in your field. What light you will shine, the show stopper you will be and the kind of game changer you are. When our Grand-masters realize you can make it with us, we ask you to    DREAM BIG¦ DRIVE IT IN¦ REALIZE IT HERE!

Welcome to AWOHASONG ENTERPRISE, home of image building and aspirations management- the place for young dreamers.

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