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A little bird named Greg was flying south from America  to Africa for the winter. It was so cold the Greg froze and fell in to a large cow graze field in Egypt. While ‘he’ was there, Poyoyo the cow came and shit on him. As Greg lay in the shit, he realizes how warm he was. The shit was thawing him out! He lay there all warm and happy and began to sing for joy. Roar, roar, roared JACK the wild cat who heard him singing. Following the sound, Jack the wild cat discovers  Greg under the pile of shit, digs him out and eats him. Jack why? Why wild wild Jack? Our lovely adventurous Greg gone…Laments Poyoyo! ‘Hangry’ wild Jack devours crying Poyoyo on the spot.  Jack’s song  takes over backed by sounds of silence and the echoes of his voice to sing his choruses.

Need Moral to  this story or you got it?


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FEB. 2018

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