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Awohasong Enterprise is created to spark imagination, to inspire strength and to build character for the betterment of mankind and the advancement of posterity. We are set to be the world’s premier image building and aspirations management company. We specialize in multimedia production, public relations and advertisement campaigns, events planning, marketing and promotions as well as talent development and celebrity representation. A great deal of our success so far, is owed firstly to the clients and communities we serve, our standards of operation and finally the values we live up to. Our core organisational values define our image, shape our operations and influence every bit of our decision making process up to the final results. Every member of our organization lives up to, exemplifies and holds others accountable to our core values.

The values are seven in number as listed here.
-Imagination* -Fortitude* -Achievement* -Humility -Respect -Commitment -Excellence

The first three core values also form the basis of our organizational official colors. The values reinforce and back the colors and the colors complement the values in a very lovely way. Our official colors: White, Black, Gold in the order in which they appear do highlight and complement imagination, Fortitude and Achievement.

1. Imagination
Imagination goes with our organization’s color white, standing for purity in heart, level headed thinking and creativity without bounds.
2. Fortitude
Fortitude goes with our organizational color Black, representing power and completeness. This represents our willingness and the ability to endure adversity and thrive to perfection.
3. Achievement
Achievement goes with our organizational color, Gold representing our love for quality,originality, and tendency to reward to reward excellence.
We know that the role of a star is to shine the light on earth. We stay down to earth and always value and place others first. The more successful we are, the more helpful and meek we become. Humility is the source of our strength and calculated explosion of energy to inspire strength in others. This is the compass and gauge of our strength .”To be meek is to be strong and to be strong is to be meek”. Humility, it’s our highest mark of achievement.
Every member of our organization is called to treat others as they will like to be treated. Respect makes it simple to make it and stay successful in our organization. Respect, the greatest dues we pay to this business, to our organization and to every client or fan. Earn the respect of those who came before you; respect their sacrifices and legacy. Respect those to come after you; honor them to leave them a legacy that will challenge them to the limit…. such a height that they will never forget nor cease to respect you.
“If you have nothing to die for, you have nothing to live for” Our commitment never gives up. If it was easy everyone would do it but at Awohasong Enterprise we know the crown is only for those who are die heart to the core and remain committed to the cause to the very end. We have zero tolerance for messing up opportunities due to a breach in commitment. “When confronted with a challenge the committed in heart search for a solution but the undecided heart looks for escape “
This our organisational school of perpetual testing, mastery perfection, caliber and brilliance, a school we never graduate from. The belief in our own worth and the worth of others calls us to value others as we must; hence present to others what we want best for ourselves-High End and Class. At Awohasong Enterprise everyday is a day of class and eminence. “We owe it to the world, to bring out the best in us. There is no middle way out. If it is worth our time, we must give it excellence!


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